Peppertrees Bed & Breakfast
Our Breakfasts

Your breakfast is prepared daily by Award Winning Pastry Chef Jill Light McCormick. Her breakfasts are quickly becoming legendary in town. Nationally renowned for many years for her cakes, pastries, and plated desserts, Jill has a knack of taking ordinary food and turning it into a work of art and at the same time, making it healthy.

Because of her many years of experience and dedication to food, Jill recognizes that breakfast is the beginning meal of your day, and should therefore be something special, as the energy that you derive from it should carry you on into the day.

We take great pride in choosing the ingredients that go into our meals. Whenever feasible, we always choose organically grown products, because not only do they taste better, they're better for you and they contain more of the nutrients that our bodies so desire. Our coffee is specially selected for its taste, and it's also organically grown. The eggs that Jill uses in all of her batters that are made from scratch are free range organic - your palate will taste the difference. We use lots of fresh berries and fruit because we feel that a balanced diet demands such.

We also go out of our way to accomodate any special diets or restrictions that you may have and we ask if you have such upon your arrival.